About us

”Startupdent is laying the foundation for a more integrated and globally connected ecosystem, with the support of our partners:
TechBBQ, the Danish Board of Business Development, and Dealroom.co.”
-Frederik Aarup, Project Manager

 The objective of startupdent

A more interconnected network across the Danish entrepreneurial ecosystem and startup scene will accelerate growth for Danish startups and scaleups.

Leading tech hubs like the UK, France, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands already use Dealroom.co to gather and showcase valuable data on their startup environment, fostering effortless networking.

Every DANISH tech
STARTUP, at your fingertips

One of the challenges that Startupdent addresses is that international investors lack a comprehensive overview of the Danish Tech Startup ecosystem.

It is currently quite difficult for an international investor to obtain an overview of, for example, a list of Danish startups that have received Series A funding. Before Startupdent, an investor would have to contact several different stakeholders in the Danish ecosystem, as there was no single place that possessed an overview.

Startupdent aims to be that one place, providing a clear map of all Danish startups easily accessible by all local and international stakeholders and investors, potentially increasing the amount of capital invested in promising startups and technologies.

Moreover, Startupdent aims to increase collaboration across local ecosystems. By simplifying the process of information sharing and providing updated statistics and contact information, Startupdent will allow you to locate the right stakeholders in just a few clicks.



Startupdent is a database that strives to collect all the Danish tech startups in one place. The startups that are connected will be showcased and become more visible toinvestors.


The database is built and maintained by Dealroom. The project was started in 2020 by TechBBQ to create the most comprehensive database of Danish startups to date.


If Denmark is to become one of the leading tech ecosystems in Europe, we must become more data-driven. In doing so, we can differentiate our ecosystem from others and become a key facilitator for investments, both foreign and domestic.


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