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The new danish startup database

If Denmark wants to be a global leader in the tech world, a well-established startup ecosystem is key.

Until now, Denmark has lacked an open and integrated database setup to provide a meticulous overview of the country’s extensive startup ecosystem.

Startupdent changes that by identifying and adding all relevant companies and investors into one comprehensive database.


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Attract investors

Startupdent is the largest Danish startup database and it is accessible for everyone. The main purpose of the database is to attract foregin investments from abroad. Investors will get a clear overview of any Danish startup present in the database.

Get the big picture

StartupDent has been created to give Danish startups a chance to be spotted by potentiel investments. The Database gives a broad spectrum of the Danish ecosystem and its startups, scaleups, investors, universities and much more.

Maintain your profile

As a user of the database, you have the option to edit the data on your company profil. For eksampel, adding the right amount of employees, web visits, etc. This might seem time consuming for you as a user, but wait, there is more. The database API is so powerful that it scrapes the internet for public available information, and updates your profile automatically.

Be part of the community

Make yourself and your business visible for investments and get the best overview of the market.

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Meet your next investor

By involving investors, Startupdent strengthens and grows our database faster so we can continue to deliver value to small businesses and entrepreneurs with innovative ideas.


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Our partners help make this platform what it is through data sharing, collaborat­­ion, sponsorshi­­p and research. Sound interestin­­­g? We’d love to discuss any ideas you might have.

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Are you a founder, a VC, or otherwise active in the ecosystem? Gain visibility­, unlock more features, and help the database become more complete by adding your organizati­­on for free.

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Glossary &

Where the data comes from

This platform is powered by Dealroom. We combine machine learning, data engineerin­­g, user-submi­tted data, and robust verificati­on processes across a broad network of ecosystems­.

Glossary & Definition­s

What is a startup, scaleup or service provider? Is your company B2B or B2C? Take a look at our methodolog­­y and list of Dealroom’s definition­­s. 


Startups are the foundation and center of the database.
Every startup that joins Startupdent can edit and update their company data, in order to become more visible and attractive to investors from Denmark and around the world.

By involving investors, Startupdent strengthens and grows our database faster, so we can continue to deliver value to small businesses and entrepreneurs with innovative ideas. We hope to bring on even more investors who can contribute with knowledge, capital, and networks, and maybe even discover the next unicorn.

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